Teenage years come with many challenges, and this generation in particular, is dealing with things no other generation has had to work through. Kristie, Leslie, and Tonya specialize in the needs of teenagers.

No other group of people deal with more trauma and stress than those who daily lay their lives on-the-line for others.  The emotions that are a part of this work carryover into personal lives and family experiences.  Our personal interest and heartfelt desire is to see our First Responders, Military, and their families restored.  Sherie, Brenna, Tonya and Kristie have a particular passion to walk with these people through their difficult times.

Family Counseling Center

Restoration  Family Counseling Center

​Premarital counseling is important and so is marriage counseling to work through issues life presents.  â€‹Arguing over the same issues, keeping secrets, fears, finances, extra marital affairs, and lack of communication all suggest there is work to be done in your marriage. Sherie, Kristie, Tonya, and Brenna are familiar with working through these issues.

Does everything feel intense?  Have you had an experience you cannot quit thinking about?  Have you lost the desire for activities you used to love?  Trauma, grief, substance abuse, fear, relationship issues are all issues that therapy can help you sort-out. Kristie, Leslie, Tonya, and Sherie work with individuals to help them resolve their emotional discomfort.

We are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential. We can support your child through divorce, trauma, learning difficulties, and emotional challenges. Kristie, Brenna, and Leslie are dedicated to working with children.